Linnovate Partners

A Fund Service and FinTech company established in 2016, Linnovate Partners has become a disrupter and leading asset servicing company in the alternative investment industry. Leveraging automation and data integration technologies, the company offers an integrated suite of technology, services, and consultancy tailored to a wide range of requirements of asset and fund managers. Linnovate Partners offers six key areas of solutions and services:

  1.   Fund Administration
  2.   Investor Relations
  3.   Portfolio Monitoring Services
  4.   Reporting Services
  5.   Consulting Services
  6.   Regulatory Compliance

The company was founded in Hong Kong, with operations in Silicon Valley, New York, London, Singapore, Beijing, Shenzhen, and a growing number of locations globally. It currently employs more than 200 individuals specializing in alternative fund services, fintech solutions, R&D, and investor relations consultancy. As of 2022, Linnovate Partners manages over US$95 billion in assets and investment portfolios and administers more than 500 funds for private equity and venture capital clients.


Brandon Tan
Brandon Tan Associate Director Linnovate Partners
Adeline Khoo
Adeline Khoo Executive Director Linnovate Partners