Ontra is the global leader in Contract Automation and Intelligence. The Ontra platform combines the best of artificial intelligence and software with a global network of talented lawyers to offer a complete and scalable solution for recurring legal workflows, such as processing routine contracts and tracking obligations in complex agreements. Ontra delivers purpose-built contract workflow and data management tools to easily manage obligations, answer key questions, and analyze trends and benchmarks. By streamlining repetitive legal processes and transforming contracts into data, Ontra helps customers lower costs, improve quality, reduce turnaround times, and provide actionable insights, ultimately freeing internal resources to focus on impactful and engaging work.

Ontra is headquartered in San Francisco, with global operations across North America, Europe, and Asia.


Xide Low
Xide Low Director Ontra
Oscar Wang
Oscar Wang Senior Director, APAC Ontra
Alexander Brown
Alexander Brown BDA Ontra
Sok Hwan Maeng
Sok Hwan Maeng Associate Ontra