Raising & Retaining Capital

Report 17 August

Raising & Retaining Capital

A Productivity Study with BD and IR Professionals in Alternative Investments

Backstop Solutions helps Business Development and Investor Relations (BD/IR) professionals at private funds make the most of their time with a comprehensive suite of software that spans their full range of needs, from capital raising to investor communications.
In 2022, Backstop published groundbreaking research on how BD/IR professionals at alternative investment managers are spending their time, and the results are quite interesting. For example:

  • 62% wear both a BD and an IR hat.
  • At PE firms, BD and IR professionals are wearing a third hat: they’re spending 10 hours a week on sourcing and origination of deals.
  • 25% of their workweek is spent on UNPLANNED interactions with their LPs.

Because Backstop Solutions is the newest service on the ION Analytics platform, we’re able to make this important study available to you. Download the report to learn whether BD/IR professionals are using their hours productively, what their most common frustrations are, and what do THEY feel they should be working on.

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