08 Mar

Private markets in Australia: Tackling uncertainty

Supply chain issues, labour shortages, an M&A slowdown, a softening in consumer demand. This amounts to a snapshot of the local issues – some intertwined with global challenges, some not – confronting investors in Australia. With valuations yet to reset it is not an environment conducive to aggressive deployment. However, the best-performing vintages often coincide with the most challenging conditions. Our panellists offer insights into how they find value through targeting defensive sectors and leveraging domain expertise.

  • What are the main drivers of deal flow in Australia?
  • In which areas are GPs developing in-house operational resources?
  • What are the implications of intermingling PE and infrastructure?
  • How are GPs thinking more broadly about liquidity generation?
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    Nicholas Combes Mergers & Acquisitions Partner KPMG Bio
    Rob Koczkar Managing Director ADAMANTEM CAPITAL Bio
    Genevieve Gregor Senior Advisor COLINTON CAPITAL PARTNERS
    Adrian Kerley Executive Director, Private Equity IFM INVESTORS Bio
    Jeremy Samuel Managing Director ANACACIA CAPITAL Bio