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PodcastDealcast 3 April

Scream for ice cream – Unilever and the case for a near-EUR 20bn asset sale

In this week's episode we are talking about we’re talking about ice cream M&A. Mergermarket analysed the potential for Unilever to divest its ice creams business in August last year (2023) and Unilever has now confirmed it will do so. This is the largest transaction the year announced in Europe so far at a potential value of up to EUR 20bn and showcases the power of Mergermarket’s journalism and analytical capabilities. Joining Julie-Anna Needham is William Cain who is Head of Analytics EMEA for Mergermarket and Christel Thunell who is a Senior Reporter for Mergermarket.

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PodcastDealcast 27 March

Explore how Brazil's sports betting law brings legal certainty to investors and is expected to foster M&A

In this week’s episode we’re heading to San Paolo in Brazil to find out about the country new law to regulate the booming online betting industry and what opportunities there are for M&A. Joining Julie-Anna Needham is Camila Pavanelli who is a reporter for Mergermarket.

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PodcastDealcast 20 March

M&A Activity in the UK Supermarket space

In this week's episode we’re talking about Britian’s supermarkets. There’s been a lot of M&A activity in the sector recently and one company keeps propping up on the potential target list and that is Sainsburys. Joining Julie-Anna Needham is Saritha Dantu who is a analyst on the Morning Flash for Mergermarket.

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PodcastDealcast 14 March

Highlights from the Global M&A Dealmakers Sentiment Report 2024

In this special episode we are discussing the key findings from SS&C Intralinks’ Global M&A Dealmakers report 2024. Joining Julie-Anna Needham is Nick Cheek, Managing Editor for Mergermarket, and Ken Bisconti, Co-Head of SS&C Intralinks.

Link to full report here:

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PodcastDealcast 6 March

US M&A & PE - What were the major themes last year and how will they affect 2024?

In this episode we're heading to the US to continue our M&A round up across the regions and outlook for 2024 activity. Joining Julie-Anna Needham is Josh Armstrong who is the Deputy Managing Editor for North America.

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PodcastDealcast 28 February

LATAM M&A Round-Up and what to expect in 2024

In 2023 there was a big drop in M&A activity globally, so what was the picture in LATAM America? Joining Julie-Anna Needham is Thiago Barrozo who is the Editor for LATAM America.

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