14 Nov

ESG in practice: Portfolio affairs

Convincing entrepreneurs in Asian businesses, especially in emerging markets, that implementing an ESG framework and policy would be beneficial to their bottom line is not an easy task and only part of the challenge. Investment in supporting infrastructure is needed so that initiatives can be applied and tracked properly, thereby generating relevant performance data. This must happen consistently across the portfolio with the information flowing upwards from GP to LP. Only then might the big picture objective gradually move within reach. In this session, a panel of GPs and entrepreneurs will discuss the way forward.

  • How do you sell ESG implementation to your company founders? Do they see it as value added or a cost?
  • How do you overcome obstacles in collecting ESG data from portfolio companies? 
  • Is it harder to incorporate ESG in emerging markets, especially with minority ownership? 
  • What are some ESG success stories at the portfolio level in Asia?
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  • Speakers keyboard_arrow_down
    Claudia Zeisberger Senior Affiliate Professor of Entrepreneurship & Family Enterprise Founder Global Private Equity Initiative (GPEI) INSEAD Bio
    Michael Octoman Senior Partner NAVIS CAPITAL PARTNERS Bio
    Trista Chen Partner, Finance Sector, Asia Pacific ERM Bio
    Purnima Gandhi Director TEMASEK INTERNATIONAL Bio
    Lauren Blasco Principal-Head of ESG AC VENTURES Bio