Art or science? How technology is transforming CLO investing as well as management

The impact of machine learning on how CLO managers approach portfolio management is frequently covered, but what does that mean for CLO investors? New technologies to accelerate and improve productivity are sweeping into every market, and this panel will explore the myriad impacts of this on direct investors in CLOs. 

  • How important a factor is machine learning and optimization technology when picking a CLO manager?
  • How can investors pick through the tangle of claims about AI to work out whether it’s really making an impact on CLO performance?
  • What new tools are available to help structured credit investors themselves?
  • What are the biggest remaining time-sinks for investors that technology could solve?
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    Charlie Dinning Data journalist CREDITFLUX
    Philip Raciti Head of Performing Credit and Portfolio Manager BARDIN HILL Bio
    Joseph Squeri Partner, CIO/COO EXOS FINANCIAL Bio
    Vitaliy Kozak Chief Product Officer OCTAURA Bio