Debtwire Restructuring Forum Germany 2023

Connect with key players in the German restructuring community!

Sofitel Frankfurt Opera, Frankfurt

19 Apr

Panel discussion - Managing distressed portfolios and complex capital structures in a downturn

The panellists will discuss their strategies for navigating growing challenges in what is for many an unprecedented reality of sluggish economic activity, higher borrowing costs and rising costs of capital goods. What portfolio work are they focusing on? How are they approaching potential investments?

  • How are rising inflation and interest rates impacting companies and their ability to support and service their debt piles?
  • How can companies optimise their capital structures to be better equipped to face the current macro challenges?
  • What is the pipeline for loan and bond issuance in Germany?
  • What tools are available for companies to overhaul their capital structures and how the legal and regulatory toolkit has changed in the past few years?
  • First time experience of a downturn: How is risk changing for companies? Is this stagflation or inflation? Or both?
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  • Speakers keyboard_arrow_down
    Britta Huebner Huebner Management Bio
    Oskar von Kretschmann Head of Loan Trading Morgan Stanley
    Francesca Veronesi Senior Reporter Debtwire
    Jasper Zimbehl Director, Strategic Value Credit Cheyne SVC LLP Bio