AVCJ Diversity & Inclusion Forum

14 Nov

PE leader insights: private capital’s commitment towards change

Although most GPs are now actively conscious of the need for increased diversity in the industry, there remains much discussion and debate in terms of how to best implement changes effectively, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region, where conversations and progress surrounding DEI tends to be slower and more fragmented. Global LPs are increasingly questioning managers on their DEI policies within the firm and at the portfolio company level, however, slowly but surely changes are coming to the forefront. Our panel of regional and global GP leaders will share their respective firm’s initiatives, views on the industry and provide actionable insights.

  • How has the conversation of diversity, equity and inclusion developed in the past 12 months globally and locally? Why should these issues be taken as seriously as climate change?
  • Within Asia, which countries are taking more concrete steps towards inclusion and diversity and what are best practice firms can share?
  • For GPs that have just started to think more about DEI, what are concrete action points/first steps to take?
  • How can managers hold their portfolio companies accountable, and which sectors already see wider diversity and more representation?
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  • Speakers keyboard_arrow_down
    Angus Choi Partner ERM Bio
    Lydia Hao Managing Director HARBOURVEST PARTNERS Bio
    Diana Dawson Managing Director TPG Bio
    Amy Fong Managing Director FOUNTAINVEST PARTNERS ASIA Bio
    Sarah Pang Vice President, Head of ESG & Sustainability AFFINITY EQUITY PARTNERS Bio
    Jessica Espinoza CEO 2X Collaborative Bio