Infralogic Investors Forum Australia 2023

The premier Infrastructure forum in Australia

Four Seasons Hotel, Sydney and Online

15 Mar

2023 and beyond: Infrastructure of the future

The events of the past year have impacted the way people live, work, travel, shop, and communicate. Figuring out the extent of this paradigm shift and where temporary changes become ingrained habits are essential to fashioning investment theses. For private market investors, finding an angle to broaden the scope of the asset class and locate infrastructure-like characteristics to participate in sectors that are experiencing unprecedented growth has enabled a flurry of deals and new projects in telecom towers, data centres, fibre-optic networks, land and motor registries, healthcare and screening services, social housing, and other sectors ripe for savvy fund managers. In this discussion, a panel of industry experts will review the opportunities.

  • Which sectors have the best prospects for capturing growth?
  • Has digital transformation changed the definition of infrastructure?
  • How do you measure the long-term risk and return profile?
  • What skills are required to manage these assets?
  • What will prove the biggest influence on the changing definition of infrastructure in the next five years?
  • How are investors approaching the social housing opportunity?
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