Infralogic Investors Forum Australia 2023

The premier Infrastructure forum in Australia

Four Seasons Hotel, Sydney and Online

15 Mar

Focus on renewables: Winning the race for decarbonisation

2020 was a watershed year as bipartisan support saw improved emission reduction targets for Australia, namely a 43% cut in 2005 levels by 2030 and net-zero emissions by 2050, thereby creating a massive need for investment in the renewable energy space. However, issues relating to storage, firming capacity, grid access, and PPAs remain unresolved, as does the continuing disconnect between the brownfield and greenfield markets, with the cost of construction, skills shortage, and the cost of capital weighing heavily on investors’ minds. For those not afraid to invest in businesses that have an emissions profile, decarbonising coal-related infrastructure is a viable option. In this session, a panel of renewable energy investors will go beyond the headlines to tackle a range of tough questions to find the right deals that will deliver consistent returns.

  • Which part of the renewables sector are investors bidding on to deliver consistent returns?
  • What is the outlook for storage technologies and grid reliability for renewables?
  • How do you navigate the issues when transitioning from a coal plant to a clean energy source?
  • Are greenfield projects the only viable option, or are investors still looking at brownfield projects?
  • What needs to change to minimise the risks of investing in long-term renewable projects?
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