Infralogic Investors Forum Australia 2023

The premier Infrastructure forum in Australia

Four Seasons Hotel, Sydney and Online

15 Mar

Global outlook: Conviction in uncertain times

The global economy faces diverse and complex challenges. However, the infrastructure asset class offers inflation protection, defensiveness, high yield, and exposure to structural growth drivers, all of which should be attractive to investors in 2023. Secular trends such as digitalisation and decarbonisation will continue to drive the need for new investments. That said, macro conditions have worsened significantly. Investors can no longer count on cheap credit to boost investment returns, and 2023 could potentially be a tough year for fundraising as LPs retract due to weak public markets and budgeting issues. One thing is for certain, more reflection and rigor are needed in investment and asset management strategies to deliver positive outcomes.

  • How are investors measuring different types of risk, and which geographies, sectors, and strategies are positioned to thrive amidst the geopolitical adversity? 
  • How is policymaking currently shaping the infrastructure investment market? 
  • Why are infrastructure valuations staying higher than anticipated, and will it remain this way? 
  • Where are exits and liquidity likely to be found? 
  • How do you effectively manage data and technology for ESG integration and reporting?
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