Infralogic Investors Forum Australia 2023

The premier Infrastructure forum in Australia

Four Seasons Hotel, Sydney and Online

15 Mar

LP spotlight: Staying the course

LPs investing in infrastructure are faced with a range of challenges as they brace for a downturn and decide how best to act. Budget constraints after a wave of re-ups, valuation concerns, Your Future, Your Super benchmarking, and macro-issues cascading down to geographic and sector worries – all of this means that LPs must be deliberate in how and when to allocate to be defensive but flexible to find the best opportunities that fit the infrastructure bucket. In this panel, with ESG and impact considerations also taking centre stage for many LPs, a group of experienced investors will share how they are looking to the future at a time when knowing where and how to invest – via a pooled fund or direct – and identifying the sectors and geographies that can deliver growth are critical to delivering strong returns.

  • How is an increasing inflation and interest rate environment changing the way you invest return expectations?
  • How has Your Future, Your Super impacted investment decisions?
  • Which geographies, fund types, and GP relationships are LPs seeking?
  • What are the challenges associated with measurement and monitoring in ESG?
  • How do you think about the role that listed infrastructure can play in your portfolios?
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