Infralogic Investors Forum Australia 2023

The premier Infrastructure forum in Australia

Four Seasons Hotel, Sydney and Online

15 Mar

Solving the construction conundrum: Collaborating to find a winning formula

Traditionally, a new infrastructure project would be a design and construct contract, where the government finances the whole project, but builders sign fixed price contracts to deliver it. However, the contractual inflexibility of D&C and PPP deals have often led to litigation when costs skyrocket due to unforeseen risks and usually a refinancing of the project mid-construction. This is now even more likely given that the rapid inflation and interest rate rises, labour shortage, and increasing material costs have caused numerous small and large builders to struggle with significant losses. However, reforms are starting to be brought in to address the need to collaborate in real-time in terms of project risk management, such as allowing the risk responsibilities to shift among the various parties as circumstances change during a project. In light of a number of high-profile cases, it has been recognised that an urgent transformation is needed of how projects are procured, delivered, and governed in Australia. Furthermore, a closer look must be taken at the role that the Federal Government can play.

  • How are contractors dealing with inflation and transport disruptions?
  • Are the COVID-19 and war-related pressures that created the supply-chain crunch easing?
  • How do you drive flexibility and genuine collaboration?
  • How should risk be allocated and shared?
  • What reforms are in place, and how is the government planning to change the model further?
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