Infralogic Investors Forum Australia 2024

Four Seasons Hotel, Sydney and Online

05 Mar

LP viewpoint: Planning for the future

As turbulence enters the economy, LPs are having to think harder about manager selection processes, portfolio construction, and risk appetite in order to make the right choices for the market cycle ahead. The denominator effect, slowdown of DPI, Your Super benchmarking, and macro issues cascading down to geographic and sector concerns – all these mean that LPs must be strategic in who, how, and when to allocate. This approach ensures they are defensive yet flexible in finding the best growth opportunities. In this panel, a group of experienced investors will share how they are looking to the future at a time when knowing where and how to invest (via a pooled fund or direct) and identifying the sectors and geographies that can deliver growth are critical.

  • Which funds, strategies, and geographies are LPs committing capital to in 2023 and beyond?
  • Will we see more sales due to super fund consolidation?
  • How much of an impact does the denominator effect and slowdown in DPI have on fundraising and future manager selection? 
  • Are we seeing a consolidation of GP relationships?
  • How has Your Future, Your Super impacted investment decisions and is this likely to change?
  • What role will infrastructure secondaries have in investor portfolios in the future?
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  • Speakers keyboard_arrow_down
    Matthew Dickson Senior Manager, Infrastructure Investments REST Bio
    Gary Greene Investment Manager – Infrastructure HESTA Bio
    James Turner Senior Investment Manager COMMONWEALTH SUPERANNUATION CORPORATION Bio
    Owen Lewis Portfolio Manager, Infrastructure TELSTRA SUPER Bio
    Maria Donnelly Senior Portfolio Manager - Infrastructure AWARE SUPER