Infralogic Investors Forum Europe 2023

The European edition of our Investors Forum returns this October!

etc.venues County Hall, London

11 Oct

EV charging - what do investors need to overcome the challenges to meet demand?

The European Commission’s Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation (AFIR) and the UK government’s Net Zero strategy have set ambitious targets for 2050 for the deployment of electric vehicle charging infrastructure across the continent. It means that Europe needs significant work on providing charging points on a large scale. What are the targets over time and what are European states doing to meet these goals to facilitate the transition to EVs? How does EV charging penetration vary in different countries and how can states achieve density to drive EV demand across the continent?

  • What are the main challenges that the sector is facing?
  • How does this impact valuations? Is it inflating prices too much?
  • How to pick investments at the right price to ensure adequate returns?
  • Which models are sought by investors (installation in private condominiums, at car parks, shopping centres, on service areas of motorways, etc)?
  • How are the different players differentiating themselves?
  • Are charging standards (such as interoperability – so that platforms work for all models) still an issue? What about charging speed and power grid management – so that demand for electricity doesn’t lead to power shortage?
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  • Speakers keyboard_arrow_down
    Natasha Patel Senior Manager Bain & Company Bio
    Robin Heap Chief Executive Officer Zest Bio
    Dr Alicia Blatiak CEO & Founder Gridicity Bio
    Massimo Resta Partner Zouk Capital Bio
    Mark Henderson Chief Investment Officer GRIDSERVE Sustainable Energy Ltd Bio
    Witold Marais Investment Manager Mirova Bio
    Rubayet Choudhury Partner DLA Piper Bio