Infralogic Investors Forum New York

The principal infrastructure investing event returns to New York!

Conrad New York Downtown, 102 North End Avenue, New York, NY 10282

07 Jan

AI, CRE, and zoning – What it all means for data centres

Data center M&A accounted for roughly 34% of all digital infrastructure trading in 2023 – the same proportion as the year before and 2021. That pace is expected to continue as executives seek capital to upgrade existing facilities and buildout others that conform to the demands of AI. Yet, companies will have to contend with expensive commercial real estate that’s accessible to power and cooling infrastructure and a growing chorus calling for restrictive zoning laws. Attendees will hear panellists discuss what the capex picture looks like for data centres over the next year or so. 

  • What are the opportunities and challenges around AI?  
  • How are retail colo’s going to compete in the new environment?  
  • How will executives deal with restrictive zoning regulations and public opposition to development?