Melda Akin Founder of D14.AI on promoting gender equality in Tech

VideoInterview 23 May

Melda Akin Founder of D14.AI on promoting gender equality in Tech

How can we promote gender equality in the tech sector?

In this fireside chat, Melda Akin, founder of AI-driven workforce management company D14.AI and MENA woman entrepreneur of the year 2022 shares her vision for empowering women to succeed in the tech sector.

In March this year, Melda launched Sirius Labs, an AI-driven training program helping women improve their tech skills and advance their careers.

Through Sirius Labs, Melda selects female students seeking to work in tech or be entrepreneurs, offer them premium boot camps to sharpen their tech and soft skills and direct them to individuals who can mentor them. And because actions speak louder than words, Melda asks every mentor to finance one of the students’ university education.

As Melda herself explains and embodies, the two passions work hand in hand: serving back the community while at the same time being completely focused on business outcomes.

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