Mergermarket M&A Forum Australia 2024

The premier M&A forum in Australia

Four Seasons Hotel, Sydney and Online

15 Oct

Brave news world: The impact of social media and news on M&A

One of the key ingredients for successful dealmaking in the age of social media is to have effective communication throughout the M&A process. However, social media and news reporting can take on a life of their own, creating a narrative (true or false) that becomes the story. For M&A dealmakers, it is imperative to develop a robust risk and media management strategy to counter the effects of rumour on a transaction that can tank valuations, reduce investor confidence, erode trust, and ultimately end a deal. In this session, a panel of seasoned practitioners will share how they think about and act upon this key area in 2024 and beyond.

  • What are the risk and real-life examples of deals being destroyed by rumour and false narratives?
  • How do you develop strategies to manage the media, public opinion, and mitigate risk?
  • How does confidential deal information find its way into the media, and how can you stop it?
  • How do you successfully instigate internal and external communication strategies during transactions?