Panel: GP’s strategies and LP’s expectations - The truths behind a successful portfolio

Our panel of expert GP’s will share their views on navigating the market and keeping up a successful portfolio. Our LPs will discuss a winning strategy for fundraising in an overcrowded market targeting a limited pool of options.

  • What are some successful strategies GPs can pursue in terms of portfolio management in the current challenging environment and does the threat of inflation change your portfolio construction approach?
  • What characteristics are LPs keen to see in GPs when it comes to deploying capital for the next generation of PE funds and how do they differ from past portfolio management tactics?
  • Which asset classes are you putting on hold and why? What are you doubling down on instead?
  • Which risk factors have the most influence on portfolio?
  • What are all the implications for LPs when there is an extension or failure during the fundraising process? 
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    Johan Pålsson Co-Managing Partner CapMan Buyout Bio
    Johan Lundén Partner Trill Impact Bio
    Staffan Morndal Partner Verdane Capital Bio
    Auri Aittokallio Assistant Editor, Head of Nordics Mergermarket