Mergermarket Private Equity and M&A Forum Italy 2024

The essential event for Italian private equity and M&A leaders

Hotel Principe di Savoia, Milan

23 Oct

Panel: Italian M&A and Private Equity trends and drivers for 2025

In recent years, the Italian M&A market has shown resilience, defying economic headwinds with moderate recovery and strong transaction volumes despite high financing costs. Deal values have trended upward since a 3-year low in Q1, with luxury consumer brands—a sector where Italy excels—contributing significantly to this momentum. Large financial sponsor-backed deals continue to succeed, albeit irregularly. The global appeal of Italian craftsmanship and high-end products continues to drive strategic M&A activities and attract international investors, underscoring the enduring strength of the 'Made in Italy' brand. This panel will analyse key market and sector trends shaping the next 12 months, exploring how Italy's dynamic market may continue to withstand adverse macroeconomic conditions. 

  • How are firms driving growth and creating value through advanced tools and diligence methods, technology innovation and cybersecurity advancements, and new talent integration strategies? 
  • What opportunities and challenges does the Italian mid-size market present? What is its acquisition potential? How are succession issues impacting M&A activity? 
  • How are Italian funds internationalising? Which geographies are they targeting? What strategies and models are proving most effective for delivering returns?  
  • Which alternative asset classes are most effective in delivering returns for investors? 
  • Which sectors should we watch in 2025? How are retail and consumer sectors evolving? What developments are occurring in advanced manufacturing and mobility? How is the digital sector transforming? What opportunities does the emerging 'silver economy' present