Mergermarket Private Equity Forum Austin 2024

Our Austin forum returns for a second year!

Four Seasons Hotel, Austin

15 Oct

Private equity exit outlook- where do we go from here?

The private equity exit market remains slow compared to 2021 highs, although activity in the first quarter of 2024 shows positive signs compared to 2023, with 282 deals worth USS71m compared to 270 deals with $62million the year before according to Mergermarket data. Whilst the exit market remains muted, however, GPs are increasingly turning towards strategies such as carve outs and divestitures to get out of a backlog of old investments in order to put new funds to work and return cash to their LPs. How will the exit market continue to look as we head into 2025? Our panel of experts will discuss:

  • Exit challenges- how will the deal backlog from 2023 impact activity in the year ahead?
  • Are GPs facing mounting pressure to return profits to their investors? How are LPs assessing the situation at hand and are they pulling back allocations? 
  • Getting creative- how are GPs finding alternative ways to keep capital flowing back to their LPs?
  • A potential IPO market bounceback- is the recovering IPO market a key solution to the exit problem?