Direct lending Taking off in Asia-Pacific

14 October

Direct lending Taking off in Asia-Pacific


Compared to the saturated landscapes of the U.S. and Europe, direct lending in Asia-Pacific represents a developing market with plenty of potential. Despite the traditional dominance of banks in the region, more opportunities have emerged, especially in the mid-market space, for private lenders to step in and provide funding where banks may not be positioned to do so. While returns are promising, managers must tread carefully, as the fragmented nature of Asia-Pacific requires sophisticated planning in different markets and navigating a variety of complex regulations. Our panellists take a deep dive into direct lending in Asia-Pacific.

  • Where do the pockets of opportunities lie for direct lending in Asia-Pacific?
  • Will there be an influx of foreign players looking to enter, and how will this shape the outlook for direct lending?
  • What is unique about the structures used by private lenders in the region?
  • What are the top risks and challenges to direct lending in this fragmented market?
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