Top 5 US M&A Active Deal Pipeline: 12 – 19 September

Data Insight 19 September

Top 5 US M&A Active Deal Pipeline: 12 – 19 September

This is an extract of the top 5 anticipated deals by financial valuation metrics from the US Deal Pipeline, a weekly report that compiles market intelligence from the week prior on processes that have been active over the last six months. It also compiles a shortlist of late-stage origination.

Mergermarket defines Active Situations as those known to be currently in the market or prelaunch. 

Mergermarket considers a sale “prelaunch” if a company is interviewing financial advisors for a potential sellside mandate; if a company has retained an advisor but been reported to have not yet launched a process; or if a company is undergoing fireside chats with prospective buyers. The classification also includes sale talks that, to the best of our ability, we have not been able to identify as a formalized auction. 

Active Situations 

This section is sub-divided into two categories: New and Ongoing Situations. The first time companies appear in the US Deal Pipeline they are put under New Situations. Any updates will be found under Ongoing Situations thereafter. Situations are organized in descending order by date.

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