Creditflux CLO Symposium

Connecting the Global CLO Community: Fundraise, Originate and Deploy

The Landmark, London

15 May

Fireside chat: CLO documentation – snooze, drag, inconsistencies and nuances

This session will bring together experts intimately familiar with CLO documentation to shed light on critical strategies, potential inconsistencies and nuanced adjustments that occur to both pre and post investment periods. From snooze and drag provisions to addressing documentation discrepancies, panellists will provide insights on CLO documentation and structuring. Speakers will discuss:

  • Are snooze and drag provisions providing flexibility for CLO managers, or breaching the trust of note-holders?
  • How is par flush language implemented in documentation? What are the impacts of this?
  • What are the key considerations in structuring CLO documentation to protect against restructurings?
  • How can managers and investors alike successfully adapt CLO documentation to changing market conditions and investment landscapes?