Mergermarket European Growth Capital - why the case for investing still stands

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12:00 - 12:30

European growth capital – why the case for investing still stands

In this weeks’ special live episode of Dealcast, Julie-Anna Needham is joined by Alistair Watson, Head of Strategy Innovation - Private Equity, Stephanie Kempton, Investment Manager and Haresh Vazirani, Senior Investment Director all from Abrdn to discuss the progression of growth capital which continues to be the big story of 2022.

Key questions to discuss:

  • Overview of growth capital in Europe which was a big story for 2021. How did COVID-19 impact this market in 2021?
  • How have these trends continued or changed in a more volatile 2022 YTD?
  • How has the volatility in 2022 impacted the mentality of entrepreneurs and management teams operating in growth businesses?
  • Has ESG and sustainability become more important to investors and companies as a result of the pandemic and current macro uncertainty?
  • How has the uncertainty in 2022 impacted company fundraising and what opportunities does it present for investors?
  • Which sectors and sub-sectors will be a key focus for abrdn in the coming months?
Alistair Watson
Alistair Watson Head of Strategy Innovation - Private Equity, abrdn
Stephanie Kempton
Stephanie Kempton Investment Manager, abrdn
Haresh Vazirani
Haresh Vazirani Senior Investment Director, abrdn