US P3 Forum 2022

Infralogic is pleased to announce the launch of the 18th annual US P3 Forum 2022

Etc Venues, 360 Madison Ave, New York

Bridging the gap – why P3 financing is key for building the next generation of infrastructure

The US P3 infrastructure market has come a long way over the past 15 years. Public sector officials have seen that the P3 model works. States, cities, and municipalities know what P3s are and what they can deliver. Plus, they can reference an ever-lengthening list of successful P3 transactions as they continue to engage in dialogue with legislators and the public.

Join us in September as we bring together leading developers, investors, and government agencies to discuss how P3s and the infrastructure industry is entering a new era. Find out where the P3 markets are going to be, which states, cities and municipalities will offer the best opportunities and how the market will continue its evolution, as the public sector continues to embrace the benefits of P3s.

2021 Highlights:

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