Mergermarket Corporate Development Forum Europe 2023

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The Langham, London

27 Apr

Keynote: History restarted: need-to-know as geopolitics bites back

The period from the fall of the Berlin Wall through to that of Lehman Brothers was one of Western geopolitical stability and solid economic growth fuelled by globalisation (albeit not all gained from capital’s profits).

Monetary policy activism kept a punch bowl full through to 2020 and covid saw both monetary and fiscal policy actions. However, the fraying in political stability was evidenced by the election of Trump, Brexit, the increasing influence of the far right in France and resurgent Russian belligerence.

2022 saw the wheels come off: inflation, de- or re-globalisation, Russian imperialism, US use of trade policy to combat threats, Chinese manoeuvres and inflation causing havoc.

  • Global geopolitics can seem a perennial storm of volatility. What trends can we hold on to that will last five or 10 years?
  • How is the European Union evolving in line with these trends? In terms of trade and competition policy, R&D, ESG, emissions, defence?
  • The UK has pulled away from the EU project, but geopolitical gravity is aligning Britain with the EU in many ways. What areas of alignment - and what of divergence - could we see develop in the coming five years?
  • As an expert practitioner in the foreign affairs space, what kind of consultancy do you see best-in-class corporations avail themselves of? Are executives perceived as having influence over any of the above?
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    Professor Anand Menon Director UK in a Changing Europe Bio
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