Mergermarket Corporate Development Forum Europe 2023

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Welcome address

09:05 - 09:25

Chairperson’s highlights of Mergermarket’s M&A Deal Drivers EMEA 2023 Q1 Report

09:25 - 09:45

Keynote presentation: Is a macroeconomic storm coming and have we reached the end of the cycle?

Our keynote will share their insights into market conditions and financial indicators that are likely to impact EMEA and the economy. 

  • Where do we go from here with inflation issues piling up?
  • Can we expect more supply chain disruptions?
  • How are the current regulatory environments affecting deal making?
  • What is the outlook for International/cross-border deal flow?
09:45 - 10:30

Panel: M&A deal leaders – New solutions to common challenges, and how to shape business strategies amid signs of instability

This panel will evaluate where we are in the cycle to inform future impact on deal flow and value drivers for M&A in the current uncertain global economy but specifically the skittish European market.

  • Deal landscape in the aftermath of mega-deals/transformation M&A, are there any new sectors for consolidation and where are we in the cycle - is it the right time to sell and what can we expect from the current inflation environment?
  • Issues around deal sourcing and origination when there are fewer deals and especially fewer larger value deals. 
  • What are the current trends in deal structures and how do deal terms compare between different European regions and globally?
  • What types of deals generate better shareholder returns at a time of rising funding costs and falling valuation
10:30 - 10:50

Fireside chat: The future of M&A advisory

This session will discover what the future holds for M&A advisory including how to avoid deals failing and deal leaks. 

  • What will the M&A advisory landscape look like in 5 years? 
  • M&A advisory firms are also subject to disruption through technological innovation. Which new technologies have disrupted the M&A advisory community? 
  • How has the expansion of the ‘Big Four’ into legal and regulatory consultancy affected the advisory market?
  • Reasons to why M&A deals are failing and why have M&A Deal leaks values had doubled in 2021 versus 2020, what can we expect going forward and which geographies are experiencing more leaks?
Rupert Cocke
Rupert Cocke Spanish Bureau Chief, Mergermarket
10:50 - 11:20

Networking coffee break

11:20 - 11:40

Fireside chat: Boards involvement in M&A

This session will examine how board members can impact an M&A deal before, during and after the transaction is complete. Speakers will also discuss what deals should boards get involved in?

  • What is the true scope of the board’s role in corporate M&A and how do you modernise a board involvement in M&A?
  • How do boards challenge value-creation potential? 
  • How can you best support a board across the entire deal life cycle?
Gustav Sandstrom
Gustav Sandstrom Senior News Editor EMEA, Public markets, ION Analytics
11:40 - 12:25

Panel: Competition cases within M&A

The competition rules can hinder M&A deals in surprising ways. Our panel will discuss the issues and challenges surrounding antitrust and competition laws and how to effectively manage them. 

  • How is competition risk allocated and what are the key risks that could delay or complicate a competition review process?
  • What are the most successful merger control procedures?
  • How do you identify competition issues early on and what can be done to resolve them instantly and what are the boundaries of talking to competitors under competition law? 
  • What are the issues surrounding multi-jurisdictional merger control?
12:25 - 12:45

Presentation: W&I insurance in M&A transactions

This session will discuss issues around compliance in M&A transactions and the respective questions arising for obtaining W&I insurance. 

  • What are the recent trends across M&A transactions?
  • What are the best ways to manage compliance risks in a M&A transaction?
  • How does the compliance of a target have a impact on a deals pricing? 
  • When is the right time for a transaction process to be disclosed? 
Gustav Sandstrom
Gustav Sandstrom Senior News Editor EMEA, Public markets, ION Analytics
12:45 - 13:45

Networking lunch break

13:45 - 14:30

Panel: The vital role of due diligence in M&A

In this session, the experts will discuss the advancements of conducting due diligence and how the expanding complex nature of M&A mean the process is taking longer to complete. What implications does this have in order to get deals over the line? 

  • Have risk assessments increased due to ongoing geopolitical situations such as wars, sanctions, protectionist regulation, anti-monopolistic regulation, AML regulations and ESG?
  • How do you determine the right target, can you use a uniformed checklist?
  • What approaches are taken to evaluate digital transformation?
  • Has ESG become an obstacle in due diligence process?
14:30 - 15:15

Panel: Technology and M&A

In this session, experts will discuss the importance of technology in M&A transactions and how technology is being increasingly used to improve deal insight and efficiency. 

  • What are the technology issues that all companies must be mindful of after completing an M&A transaction?
  • How will new technologies such as bloc chain and AI will impact the M&A from a process and activity perspective 
  • How important is cybersecurity during an acquisition and how do you conduct cyber-risk analysis during your due diligence?
  • How are companies using new technologies to shape M&A due diligence and how can technology drive innovation within M&A?
Rupert Cocke
Rupert Cocke Spanish Bureau Chief, Mergermarket
15:15 - 15:45

Networking coffee break

15:45 - 16:05

Fireside chat: Corporate carve-outs and spin-offs transactions

In this session speakers will discuss the current environment for corporate carve-outs and spin-offs transactions and what kind of appetite do financial and strategic buyers have towards current opportunities? 

  • What does the current environment look like for corporate carve-outs and spin-offs and what are the common issues / challenges faced with carving-out or spinning off assets? 
  • What are the main reasons why companies might consider carving out or spinning off assets and how do you prepare for these and do you expect to see more spin offs and carve outs in the M&A market?
  • How important are rights and W&I in these transactions?
  • What happens to a team in the initial aftermath of a divestment?
16:05 - 16:35

Panel: Post-merger integration - the importance of retaining employees and maintaining company culture

In this session the speakers will discuss driving strategic growth when building on acquisitions. They will discuss the global M&A market and initial tips on executing transaction with ease whilst retaining talent at all levels. 

  • How can you best assess the cultural fit during your diligence processes and how should integration experts think about talent engagement and retention in the midst of a merger?
  • Highlight the importance of people management after a corporate transaction
  • Quite often culture has been viewed as the intangible element left to address in the post-integration phase - What culture moments really matter in a deal and how can you make sure you embed these into your value creation plan at the pre-deal phase?  
  • How can large firms attract talent from Gen Y and Z?
16:35 - 17:05

Panel: Climate disruptors and the everlasting importance of ESG

This session will discuss how climate disruption means that ESG plays a key role in defining a company’s reputation and culture with M&A, as businesses strive to meet ESG expectations. 

  • What challenges are you facing in meeting carbon neutrality targets in line with the goals set in the Paris Agreement?
  • How are sustainability strategies affecting M&A decisions and what is best practice for sustainability considerations versus growth strategies? 
  • Do you see the integration of ESG targets within organisations impacting the company’s culture?
  • What are the business risks associated with neglecting an ESG strategy? 
17:05 - 17:40

Panel: Cross-border M&A – strategies and challenges 2023

This panel will highlight how investors should be responding to the geopolitical tensions, more complex regulations and higher risks associated with cross-border deal making globally. The experts will look at both inbound and outbound challenges and opportunities. 

  • Which regions and sectors are dealmakers seeing the most cross-border activity?
  • Are cross-border deals still being made fully virtually or more of a blended method? 
  • With political tensions rising across Europe, is now the time to be investing? 
  • Can we expect more inbound and outbound Asian deals? 

Conference end and networking drinks