Mergermarket M&A & Private Equity Forum - Germany 2022

Mergermarket’s flagship event for key players in German and cross-border M&A market

Frankfurt Marriott Hotel, Hamburger Allee 2, Frankfurt, 60486 Germany

09.00 - 17.00

Day 1: 26 April 2022 - Live

Registration and coffee
Chair’s welcome remarks
Keynote Presentation: The State of the German economy

This Keynote will explore as a leader of the European economy, how the state of the German market impacts the wider global economy and what we can expect from interest rates going forward. The expert will also examine the ongoing geopolitical tensions and trade issues that will affect M&A in the DACH region.

Panel: Positive thinking around ESG

2022 – The world has dramatically changed, ESG is on everyone’s agenda and now is becoming a money-making strategy instead of another checkbox.

  • What are the business risks associated with neglecting an ESG strategy?
  • How can firms mitigate business and reputational risks?).
  • Are net-zero emissions on the agenda finally?
  • Will the new EU regulations prompt the German government to adjust their own regulations?
  • How have changing consumer priorities and motivations created market opportunities?
  • How are sustainability strategies affecting M&A decisions?
  • What is best practice for sustainability considerations versus growth strategies are two becoming one?
  • What are the business risks associated with neglecting an ESG strategy?
  • How can firms mitigate business and reputational risks?
  • How can firms turn a vulnerability into an opportunity? 
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Networking break
Panel: The Future of Private Equity in Germany 

This session will examine the challenges private equity investors are facing in Germany. How are dealmakers sourcing and allocating funds looking at expected returns, risk profiles, sector merits and how Germany sits in a broader European global context. This panel will discuss: 

  • How can GPs create a strategy in an overcrowded market targeting a limited pool of LPs?  
  • What level of diversity are LPs looking towards in terms of portfolio makeup?   
  • How is LP regulation towards ESG affecting GPs and fundraising commitments? 
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Fireside chat: Day in the life of a Head of Equity Capital Markets

Hear from a Head of Equity Capital Markets in the DACH region discuss how their daily routine from strategy to execution and how listings have been impacted by COVID-19 and what forecasting trends are here to stay.

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Presentation: Building A More Diverse and Inclusive Corporate Workplace in 2022

Has the pandemic hindered progress made in recent years?  There are many crucial moments in dealmaking and quite often diversity and inclusion of different backgrounds/cultures has been viewed as the intangible element left to address in the post-integration phase.  

  • How has COVID-19 impacted the industry’s progress towards inclusion and diversity? 
  • How can you adapt global strategies to be sensitive to local needs while keeping core company values?
  • What ‘culture’ moments really matter in a deal and how can you make sure you embed these into your value creation plan at the pre-deal phase? 
  • Where are we losing people in our D&I efforts and what are the hard questions we should be addressing in the corporate world?
On-stage interview: Incorporating innovation and new technologies into the deal process

Big data, analytics and AI have the potential to transform the effectiveness of corporate development teams, but are yet to reach their full potential. This session will examine where experts think the biggest innovations in the industry are and what new technologies are available to aid the deal process more smoothly. 

  • How are companies using new technologies to shape their deals – is it just used in the due diligence phase?
  • What are the best ways to determine the value added and how do you monetise these technologies? 
  • Bloc-chain in action
  • Understanding the changing roles of the workforce because of new technology and what do you need to plan for?
  • Identify cyber-risks in business and the new developments for resilience
  • How can firms access financing via new technology such as enabler platforms and easier connectivity?
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Presentation: Words matter in M&A

The way investors (corporate and private equity) approach due diligence has changed – red-flags have gone from deal-breaker to “deal-consideration”.  Companies are more risk averse and want to understand the risks that have been identified and options for mitigating these – whether this requires an SPA clause, separate insurance or other mitigant.  

We’ll provide some examples of our experience in performing due diligence and placing transactional risk insurance, these include:

  • Identified red flags in due diligence and how wording in the SPA was used to mitigate the risk ensuring the deal could proceed
  • How transactional risk insurance has helped getting a deal across the finishing line
  • Innovative and bespoke insurance for terms previously considered deal-breakers
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Chair's closing remarks
Networking dinner
09.30 - 17.00

Day 2: 27 April 2022 - Live

Registration and coffee
Chair's welcome remarks
Networking break
Presentation: Mergermarket M&A & PE data
Panel: Deal Drivers, Origination and challenges to expect in 2022

This session will explore the German M&A landscape, cross-border M&A activity, the impact of COVID-19 on pricing and valuations as well as which sectors are likely to emerge strongest from the ongoing pandemic. What impact will further COVID-19 waves, lockdowns, trade and regulatory challenges have on deal activity. 

  • How do German corporates go about identifying possible M&A targets and What tools do they use? 
  • How much do they rely on advisers or local networks? 
  • What is the role of local managers in suggesting possible targets and what considerations need to be considered?
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Presentation: The long view of M&A – private equity vs. corporate acquirors

If you are a corporate acquiror in 2022 then private equity is coming to eat your lunch - or to eat you. With M&A multiples at 30-year highs find out how competition between private equity and strategic acquirors for deals is driving a valuation frenzy, how private equity is gatecrashing strategic acquirors' growth plans, and what corporate acquirors can do to respond.

Talking from experience: Springer Nature case study
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Lunch break
On-stage interview: Key drivers of growth for Private Equity in Germany

This session will examine how can the European market overcome the ever-increasing competition of private equity firms and what can we expect if the dry powder continues to grow. The panel will also delve deep into:

  • Should Private equity funds specialise or continue down the generalist route? 
  • How are private equity funds adding value to their investments and what are the challenges they are facing? 
  • How is the fundraising environment changing?
  •  Will there be an adverse effect if public markets keep sliding? 
  • Should the race to go public continue? 
  • How can you truly balance the interests of your shareholders with those in your LP pool?
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Shareholder activism in Europe

Germany remains attractive country for activists. Geopolitics, climate change movement, the pandemic and supply chain disruptions have put made many firms targets with growing focus on environmental, social and corporate governance causing concern. 

  • Can we expect these recent developments to emerge across Europe and will we see more international activists pick up targets? 
  • What sectors are high on an activists hit list? 
  • Which other European countries are ripe for an activist’s pick?
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Panel:  Panel: Cross-border M&A deal drivers  

DACH M&A activity – how is the market shaping up post-pandemic and has the inability to travel for meetings hindered cross-border deal making. This panel will discuss: 

  • What is the current pipeline for deals and private equity appetite? What is the pipeline for M&A in the Mittelstand?  
  • What has encouraged inbound activity from Asian investors and in particular Japanese companies?  
  • What is the pipeline for divestments as corporates seek to consolidate in the face of a downturn? 
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Chairs closing remarks and networking drinks