Mergermarket M&A Forum Hong Kong 2023

The premier M&A forum in Hong Kong

The Four Seasons Hotel, Hong Kong SAR & Online

09.30 - 10.30

Regional spotlight: The state of the M&A market

M&A activity in APAC as elsewhere may not be on the same level as the previous year, especially for larger deals, however mid-market dealmaking is in good shape and continues to dominate the market. Disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and energy transition are among the key mega trends impacting M&A and investments as strategic and financial buyers look for the best opportunities in a complex arena. Our panel of seasoned M&A advisors will discuss lessons learned and dealmaking going forward and offer their top tips on how to stay ahead. 

  • How did last year’s 2023 predictions for M&A in APAC turn out? 
  • Will macroeconomic factors, including interest rate volatility, supply chain issues, and inflation impact corporate activity in the region?
  • What investment themes and economic trends will drive Asian M&A in the next 12 months?
  • Have dealmakers seen a shift in opportunities and the types of deals they have been working on?
  • What are the key challenges for executing cross-border deals this year?
10.30 - 11.00

Networking break

11.00 - 12.00

Dealmakers outlook: Private equity trends in M&A

Despite the complex market environment and growth being a harder commodity to find, private equity still has a significant amount of dry powder that needs to be deployed across the region. This need to stay active might be the necessary jolt for dealmaking the industry needs as private equity continues to play a prominent role in M&A. Our panel of leading private equity managers will share their views on current market opportunities, the sectors they are betting on in the current environment and expectations going forward. 

  • Are GPs under pressure to deploy capital due to excess dry powder?
  • What sectors and geographies offer the best opportunities for deals?
  • How best to price and structure an approach in volatile markets?
  • Are we seeing GPs increasing their focus on optimising their portfolio, through take-private, bolt-on acquisitions?
  • What are the deal expectations for 2024 and beyond?
12.00 - 12.45

The big theme: Technology disruption

With AI disrupting industries, the case for digital transformation has only become stronger as companies try not to be left behind by a slow response to the pace of change and their competitors digitalisation. The disruptive nature of AI creates opportunities for technology acquisitions to assist corporate business transformation and innovation for those who have the vision to see its potential. In this panel, technology investors and experts will discuss the opportunity set in the sector, and the business and societal considerations and debate what the future holds.

  • What is the current landscape for tech investment in the region? How should we approach deals amid macro volatility? 
  • What industries offer the best opportunity?
  • How much of a disruptor is AI? 
  • How is the Greater Bay Area tech ecosystem developing?
12.45 - 13.45

Networking lunch

14.15 - 15.00

Mid-market deal flow: Seizing the opportunities

As dealmakers’ appetite for risk diminishes amidst increasing macroeconomic challenges, the opportunities for M&A seems to be dominated by smaller and mid-market deals where activity has remained buoyant. More difficult access to financing and company divestitures is also contribute to the increased deal flow for the segment and ultimately more investors playing in this segment of the market where acquisitions can get done. Our panel of dealmakers will share their insight into why mid-market deals are the current staple of dealmaking in the region.

  • Will mid-market M&A remain a bright spot in the market, and how is deal flow expected to play out in 2024?
  • Which sectors have performed the best, and will we see the most activity in the next 12 months?
  • Have acquirers with a strong balance sheet been a main driver for mid-market dealmaking?
  • How much are divestitures and portfolio assessments generating mid-market deal flow?
15.00 - 15.30

Networking break

15.30 - 16.15

Managing risk: Developing a robust ESG framework

As ESG significance continues to rise, scrutiny on how companies are conducting their business, including their M&A transactions, is increasing along with their risk factors. From greenwashing to supply chain issues, there are many pitfalls that you need to safeguard against via strong governance. Our panel of experts will share their best tips on how to navigate risk challenges when it comes to ESG, with a particular focus on due diligence. 

  • What are the key risks and opportunities for M&A from an APAC ESG perspective?
  • How much of an impact does ESG considerations have during an M&A transaction?
  • How do companies navigate the everchanging reporting and disclosure requirements?
  • What are the due diligence challenges during the deal process when it comes to ESG?
16.15 - 17.00

M&A Transactions: The importance of stakeholder communication

Considering the macro headwinds and increased public scrutiny altering the corporate landscape, companies must adjust their approach and strategies when pursuing M&A. One of the key ingredients for successful dealmaking in the “new normal” is to have effective communication throughout the M&A process. Our diverse panel of experts will discuss the importance of implementing best practice communication strategies for M&A transactions. 

  • What are the key communication challenges in today’s M&A transactions?  
  • How do we develop strategies for managing media, and public opinion, and mitigate risk?
  • How do we successfully instigate internal and external communication strategies during transactions?
  • How does your communication strategy affect the target employees and integration process? 
17.00 - 18.30

Forum close and Cocktails