Mergermarket M&A Forum - Switzerland 2022

Exclusive insights on the Swiss M&A market!

The Dolder Grand, Zürich



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Chair’s welcome remarks and presentation on Mergermarket M&A & PE data

Data and analysis presentation that will outline the drivers and headwinds for M&A activity in Switzerland.2022 - what trends are we seeing? 

09:20 - 10:05

Panel: M&A Leaders - Will the M&A boom last?

We gather investor experts to help tame the turbulence and return us to even growth. Practical views on portfolio management and improvements amidst the war in Europe and lockdowns in Asia which threaten to break the powerfully supply chains of globalisation. 

  • Swiss/European perspective, what makes Switzerland an attractive target for foreign investors?
  • Where are we in the cycle? Is now the right time to sell – what can we expect from the current inflation environment?
  • Which key value drivers are dealmakers paying particular attention to? How do deal teams evaluate value successfully?
  • How do German corporates go about identifying possible M&A targets and what tools do they use? How does this differ from financial sponsor strategies in target screening?   
Philipp Haumueller
Philipp Haumueller Director Corporate Development, Dufry Group
Patrick Costello
Patrick Costello Germany Reporter, MERGERMARKET
10:05 - 10:30

Fireside chat: Why are M&A deals failing?

A successful M&A or carve-out relies on several factors: solid communication between all parties, finance available, extensive due diligence process including ESG considerations, a positive regulatory environment, agreement from all shareholders, and more. The tiniest misstep can break a deal and potential be a huge cost hit. The speakers will discuss and share their experiences to why M&A deals didn’t materialise and the likely reasons behind why:

  • When has ESG played a factor in deals failing? 
  • Has pricing / overpaying become a common issue in the current environment?  
  • Do regulatory issues come into play and does the geopolitical environment cause concern? 
  • Is the time right in the industry cycle to acquire or carve-out? 
Daniel Blaettler
Daniel Blaettler General Counsel Corporate, Finance & Transactions, Lonza
10:30 - 11:00


11:00 - 11:45

Panel: Overview of Swiss IPO activity and SPACs - Interconnection with Capital Markets

IPO activity has slowed globally. Special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) saw an increase in global popularity over the last couple years. While IPO and secondary offering activity is recovering, SPACs could be advantageous to companies considering the public markets. This session will talk through the start of  the year so far and dynamics in the IPO market. 

  • The importance of staying local when it comes to listing on capital market
  • Which IPOs have been successful, and which have been disappointing? 
  • Are carveouts the right solution to the challenging market conditions and what are the current challenges? 
  • Are SPACs here to stay and what is on the horizon? 
11:45 - 12:30

Panel: Activist investing in Switzerland

Activist investors continue to target European corporates, the panel will discuss updates and trends from current cases of activists in Swiss companies. 

  • What are activist investors looking for in these targets? 
  • What are the typical characteristics of shareholder activists in Switzerland? 
  • Are some Swiss industries more or less prone to shareholder activism?
12:30 - 13:30



13:30 - 13:55

Case study: Healthcare investment surge ending?

It is more important than ever for healthcare dealmakers to focus their attention on opportunities, potential pitfalls and to stay up to date with the latest developments in the M&A market.

  • What are the drivers behind healthcare M&A and strategic partnership transactions?
  • What has the market shift done to valuations, and what type of deal structures are we seeing? 
  • How much are corporates relying on advisers or local networks as part of their M&A activities? Has this changed in recent years, particularly as a result of the pandemic?  
Andre Chameides
Andre Chameides Head of M&A, Unilabs
Christel Thunell
Christel Thunell Financial Journalist, Mergermarket
13:55 - 14:45

Panel: The future of private equity

This session will examine the challenges private equity investors are facing. How are dealmakers sourcing and allocating funds looking at expected returns, risk profiles, sector merits and how Swiss sits in a broader European global context. This panel will discuss:

  • How should we assess financial sponsor/PE activity this year – i.e. will sponsors be more active on the buyside or are they prioritising exits in 2022? 
  • Is it possible we’ll see more public-to-private (P2P) action in the DACH region this year? Why/why not? 
  • How can GPs create a strategy in an overcrowded market targeting a limited pool of LPs? 
  • How is LP regulation towards ESG affecting GPs and fundraising commitments? 
Gregor Wissler
Gregor Wissler Vice President, Alantra
Giovanna Maag
Giovanna Maag Partner, ALTOR EQUITY PARTNERS
Patrick Costello
Patrick Costello Germany Reporter, MERGERMARKET
14:45 - 15:15

Networking break

15:15 - 15:45

Fireside Chat: The role of ESG in deal making

2022 – The world has dramatically changed, ESG is on everyone’s agenda and now is becoming a money-making strategy instead of another checkbox. How do we rebalance the global energy market and finance the new green economy

  • Will the ambitions of the Net zero drive in M&A bring dealmaking to new heights?
  • Which parties are pushing ESG up the agenda - LPs? GPs?  Board members? 
  • What is best practice for sustainability considerations versus growth strategies are two becoming one?
  • Details of how to measure ESG and whether this is at odds with financial returns
15:45 - 16:15

Fireside Chat: M&A deals in the Airport Services sector

Globally, the situation is looking mixed for M&A in the Airport Services sector (ground handling, cargo handling). The speed of market recovery after the pandemic has caught many by surprise and Airlines as well as Ground/Cargo Handlers globally are struggling to find enough staff. This summer’s peak season has drawn attention to the pitfalls and opportunities of investing in the sector. With premiums (mostly) returned to previous levels, the market clearly views the impact of coronavirus as a short-term blip. 

  • How has the process been while transitioning from the worst crisis to turnaround and growth?
  • Given recent issues across Europe surrounding flight cancellations, staffing shortages, luggage handling logistics – has the risk profile of Airport (Services) fundamentally changed?
  • What have been the main complexities in deal execution and integration in this challenging environment?
  • Airlines increasingly seem to carve-out their ground and cargo handling units. How does the dynamic change in such acquisitions in which the seller is your main customer? 
  • What are the main differences in doing M&A as industries go through different economic cycles?
16:15 - 16:20

Conference end and networking drinks