Mergermarket Private Equity and M&A Forum Nordics 2024

The must-attend event for the Nordic private equity and M&A community!

Hotel At Six, Stockholm 

24 Sep

Fireside chat: Sector spotlight - defence investments in the Nordics

The defence sector in the Nordic region has gained increased attention from investors due to geopolitical developments and technological advancements. This panel will bring together private equity professionals, defence industry experts, and government representatives to discuss the opportunities and challenges in this growing sector. Speakers will explore investment trends, regulatory considerations, and the potential for value creation in Nordic defence companies. 

  • What are the key drivers behind the growing interest in Nordic defence investments, and how has the geopolitical landscape influenced this trend? 
  • What sub-sectors within the defence industry are attracting the most attention from private equity investors, and why? 
  • How are government policies and regulations affecting investment opportunities in the Nordic defence sector, and what challenges does this present for private equity firms? 
  • What strategies are successful investors employing to create value in defence portfolio companies, and how do these differ from other sectors? How are technological advancements, such as AI and cybersecurity, shaping investment opportunities in the Nordic defence industry? 
  • What are the exit opportunities for private equity investments in the Nordic defence sector, and how do these compare to other industries in the region?