Mergermarket Private Equity and M&A Forum Nordics 2024

The must-attend event for the Nordic private equity and M&A community!

Hotel At Six, Stockholm 

24 Sep

Opening panel: Regional outlook - the resurgence of Nordic M&A

Over half of the world’s population is heading to the polls this year to vote in what could be pivotal year with lasting impacts on geopolitical dynamics and, subsequently, on global M&A activity. This panel will focus on the macroeconomic drivers behind recent and upcoming Nordic M&A activity, including retreating inflation, stabilising interest rates, pent-up demand from private equity firms and corporates, and the role of technology in driving efficiency. Panellists will review strategies for navigating the new dealmaking landscape including adjusting for seller expectations, identifying attractive targets, navigating regulatory hurdles, and addressing energy security concerns. Panellists will discuss:

  • What are the main macro-geopolitical drivers impacting Nordic M&A? Consider ECB/Fed politics and spillover effects, the implications of the entire Nordic block being part of NATO, and how recent government changes affecting the M&A landscape.
  • How are M&A professionals addressing adjusting seller expectations in this new economic climate?
  • What opportunities exist in bolt-on acquisitions, carve-outs, and small-to-mid cap listed companies?
  • How is the focus on energy security influencing investments in the renewables sector, and what potential rebalancing efforts are being considered?