Mergermarket Private Equity and M&A Forum Nordics 2024

The must-attend event for the Nordic private equity and M&A community!

Hotel At Six, Stockholm 

24 Sep

Panel: Innovative strategies for enhanced returns

In a climate where fundraising is proving increasingly difficult and access to financing is more constrained, private equity firms are placing higher emphasis on generating alpha to deliver superior returns for investors. This session will explore innovative strategies designed to enhance investor returns in a challenging environment. Panellists will debate diversifying into alternative asset classes such as private equity and real assets, the growing popularity of GP-led secondaries and restructurings to provide liquidity to LPs while allowing GPs retain control of high-performing assets, the role of co-investments and emerging fundraising mechanisms, such as continuation funds and long-dated vehicles. 

  • How can private equity firms effectively diversify into alternative asset classes? Which asset classes are proving most effective in delivering returns for investors?
  • What are the key benefits and considerations for GPs and LPs when utilising GP-led secondaries and restructurings, and how can these strategies be deployed to provide liquidity?
  • How can co-investments be structured to align the interests of LPs and GPs, and what are the potential advantages and challenges of this approach in terms of fees, transparency, and return potential?
  • What are the most promising fundraising mechanisms, such as continuation funds and long-dated vehicles, and how can GPs leverage these structures to enhance flexibility, adapt to market conditions, and deliver superior returns to investors?