North America Biweekly Credit Report Summary - 09 Jan 2023

Data Insight 9 January

North America Biweekly Credit Report Summary - 09 Jan 2023

The North America Biweekly Credit Report Summary presents snapshots of research published by the Credit Research team during the two preceding weeks. The report aims to keep our subscribers informed of the biweekly research publications by providing ease of access to centralized information and the opportunity to catch-up on any research missed by readers over the prior two weeks. Each summary will include the company’s capital structure, performance summary and the Debtwire Likely to Distress (LTD) Predictive Analytics. 

This week's edition includes coverage of our most viewed credit report, Carnival, which expects to generate positive adjusted EBITDA in 2023. The report includes coverage of AMC, where we found its first lien debt to have a full recovery, while the second lien notes got a recovery of 38% at the midpoint valuation with no residual value for subordinated notes or equity. This week’s edition also includes Mexican company Unifin and Austrian-based ams-Osram AG, which have both issued USD-denominated debt.

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