Scaling up: Jeff VonDeylen, CEO of IT services provider Ensono

18 May

Scaling up: Jeff VonDeylen, CEO of IT services provider Ensono

During the pandemic, companies were forced to accelerate their digital transformation to keep their business up and running. Jeff VonDeylen, CEO of IT services provider Ensono, speaks with Acuris Capital Intelligence about future proofing at high-speed.

Interview by Kyle LaHucik

Q. With new PE backing and one deal already under Ensono’s belt so far in 2021, what will be the main areas of focus for growth this year?

The focus for this year will be continuing to deliver excellent IT services and enable digital transformations for our clients. Through KKR, the objective is for Ensono to continue exactly what it’s already done, but with more growth and scaling opportunities.

Q. What will digital transformation look like this year? Will it continue at the same pace as during the early stages of the pandemic? How will it affect hybrid IT solutions and infrastructure management service providers like Ensono?

Moving into the second year of the pandemic, we’ll continue to see digital transformation designed for the long term. In Q1 of 2020, we saw organizations scramble to implement solutions to get by. Now, they’re realizing hybrid workplaces are the new normal and it’s necessary to develop a business that can sustain the future. As a partner of companies looking to digitally transform, we’re not only helping our clients make transformations quickly, but we’re helping them make transformations that will carry them into the future.

Q. Earlier this month, Ensono inked a deal with KKR. Did the digital transformation tailwinds affect the timing and/or nature of the deal in any material ways?

We were assisting clients with digital transformations long before the pandemic and the timing of the KKR deal came naturally with the pace of our growth and global expansion over the past several years.

Q. Ensono acquired Amido earlier this month—will acquisitions continue to be part of Ensono’s overall growth strategy?

We definitely plan to continue partnering with and acquiring organizations that fit into our long-term vision and can help us expand our global reach, as well as enhance our service offerings.

Q. What sort of targets are appealing today? Is Ensono’s M&A strategy going to be different going forward following the KKR backing?

Our acquisition strategy will be the same as it’s been—partner with companies that can enhance or add to our IT service offerings, expand our global reach and enable us to better serve our clients.

Bit of background: Ensano is a hybrid IT services provider. Before accepting the CEO position with Ensono, Jeff VonDeylen served as CFO and later as president at Savvis, growing the business from US$200 million to US$1.4 billion before its acquisition by CenturyLink. He holds a BS in Accountancy from Miami University.

This interview has been edited for clarity and length.

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