Creditflux CLO Symposium 2023

Our flagship event returns in May 2023

The Landmark, 222 Marylebone Road, London

The Creditflux Manager Awards will return for it's 15th year to recognise the best in the global CLO market!

The main CLO awards will reflect the diversity of the industry and look to recognise the best performers among US and European broadly-syndicated loan CLOs, middle-market and non-traditional CLOs, the best CLOs redeemed in 2022 and the best managers in all these fields, including categories for boutique and established firms. 

Award Categories:

  • Best new US CLO
  • Best new European CLO
  • Best US CLO
  • Best European CLO
  • Best US boutique CLO manager
  • Best European boutique CLO manager 
  • Best redeemed US CLO 
  • Best redeemed European CLO
  • Best middle-market CLO
  • Best new middle-market CLO
  • Best non-traditional CLO 
  • Best public closed-end CLO fund
  • Best private closed-end CLO fund 
  • Best CLO fund
  • Best MM CLO manager
  • Best US CLO manager
  • Best European CLO manager
  • Creditflux manager of the year

Step 1: Data submission in early February

Data lies at the heart of all the Creditflux Manager Awards categories, whether they are for CLOs or CLO Funds. The process begins with a call for submissions from managers.

CLOs will be judged purely on performance metrics available in the trustee reports to ensure transparency. Metrics for best CLOs include par build and headroom in junior OC tests; weighted average price and percentage of assets marked under 80; weighted average spread, weighted average rating factor and assets marked as single B or triple C; and average annualised returns to equity weighted by leverage and volatility. CLOs that went effective in 2022 will be considered in the “new CLO” categories, and will be judged on weighted par build, warf at inception, and arbitrage.

In order to be eligible for the awards, managers must provide access to their trustee reports through the trustee websites to ensure the reports are listed on CLO-i and fill out this submission form. Managers should enter details for all their CLOs, and they will be automatically entered into all eligible categories. To be considered for the “best manager” categories, please note that all eligible CLOs must be submitted, as the finalists are selected on the average of all CLOs. For any questions or queries, or to return the submission form, please contact or

Fund awards

All open-ended CLO funds that are listed on Creditflux’s credit hedge fund database and have at least a year’s worth of returns will be automatically eligible for the best CLO fund category. Any fund interested in submitting to the database should send this submission form filled in with historical returns to

The closed-end CLO funds are split into two categories; please find attached submission forms with example data filled in for private closed-end CLO funds and public closed-end CLO funds. This is to recognise similarly structured funds with comparable reporting methods. Please return completed forms, or direct any questions or queries, to

Step 2: Submission window closes on 21 February 2022

Step 3: Finalists announced early April

After a month of rigorous analysis, the finalists will be announced on Creditflux in early April.

Step 4: Winners announced on 3 May at the Creditflux Manager Awards 2023

The winners in each category will be announced live during the Creditflux Manager Awards Dinner at The Landmark Hotel in London. This gala dinner, held after our annual Creditflux CLO Symposium, brings together arrangers, advisors, managers and investors to celebrate outstanding achievement by CLO and fund managers.

Check out the winners from 2022 below:

Manager Awards:
Creditflux manager of the year: CSAM
Best US CLO manager: Brigade
Best European CLO manager: Spire
Best MM CLO manager: Cerberus
Best US boutique CLO manager: Aquarian
Best European boutique CLO manager: CBAM

CLO Awards:
Best new US CLO: Wind River CLO 2021-2
Manager - First Eagle
Best new European CLO: RRE 7
Manager - Apollo (Redding Ridge)
Best US CLO: RR 12
Manager - Apollo (Redding Ridge)
Best European CLO: Madison Park Euro Funding V
Manager - CSAM
Best redeemed US CLO: RR 10
Manager - Apollo (Redding Ridge)
Best redeemed European CLO: ALME Loan Funding II
Manager - Apollo (Redding Ridge)
Best new middle market CLO: Cerberus Loan Funding XXXI
Manager - Cerberus
Best middle market CLO: Cerberus Loan Funding XXIX
Manager - Cerberus
Best non-traditional CLO: Diameter Credit Funding II
Manager - Diameter

Fund Awards:
Best private closed-end CLO fund: Oxford Bridge II
Manager - Oxford Funds
Best public closed-end CLO fund: Oxford Lane Capital Corp
Manager - Oxford Funds
Best CLO fund: Sound Point Capital Management
Manager - Sound Point Harbor Fund