Mergermarket M&A Forum Switzerland 2023

The Dolder Grand, Zurich

08.15 - 09.00

Registration and coffee

09.05 - 09.15

Mergermarket Presentation - next-generation capabilities for M&A Professionals

Gustav Sandstrom
Gustav Sandstrom Senior News Editor EMEA, Public Markets, MERGERMARKET
09.15 - 09.45

Keynote: Who knows what’s happening?

Explore the soft economic landing vs. hard economic landing. Future for inflation and challenges for policy makers.

09.45 - 10.30

Panel: Global M&A outlook

This session will feature discussion with acquirers that have hit the headlines in the past year including how lower deal valuations have impacted deal origination and are today’s valuations sustainable in a new inflation and interest environment? 

  • Where are we in the cycle currently? Is it still a sellers’ market or we seeing signs that a shift is underway to a buyers’ world?
  • How are corporates and funds going about identifying possible M&A targets and what tools do they use?
  • How has the environment for financing deals changed in the past few years and what steps are corporates/advisors taking into account to address these developments?
  • What are some successful strategies buysiders can pursue to win auctions or close deals?
10.30 - 11.00

Networking break

11.00 - 11.30

Fireside chat: Transforming Aryzta – operational and financial measures

Faced with rising of energy inflation and the cost of goods, Aryzta is doing superbly after a difficult period in recent years. In this fireside chat we will be speaking to Aryzta’s CEO and Chairman about their successful turnaround with the challenges faced, lessons learned and their rosy future ahead.

11.30 - 12.00

Fireside Chat: Boards involvement in M&A – traditional and new approaches

This session will examine how board members can impact an M&A deal before, during and after the transaction is complete. Speakers will also discuss what deals should boards get involved in?

  • What has traditionally been the board’s role in M&A transactions and how have things changed in recent years?
  • Boards have tended to become increasingly involved, right? What are some of the main drivers?
  • Which M&A transactions should the board get involved in, as opposed to delegating to management?
  • Valuation will be one of the key elements of an M&A transaction. How do you see the board’s role here, and how should it approach and challenge the assumptions by its own management team and other involved parties?
Gustav Sandstrom
Gustav Sandstrom Senior News Editor EMEA, Public Markets, MERGERMARKET
Giovanna Maag
Giovanna Maag Partner, ALTOR EQUITY PARTNERS
12.00 - 12.45

Panel: Deal financing in today's market

This session will review how corporates are financing M&A deals with leveraged loans, private debt and high yield bonds. 

  • What opportunities are available for sponsor-less lending for mid-cap companies?
  • How has documentation evolved as the market enters a downturn and liquidity is stretched?
  • What returns are direct lending for private equity and private debt funds yielding?
  • How is pricing affecting valuations? And are debt / equity rations being called into question?
Moritz Frerker
Moritz Frerker Managing Director Private Debt, Head of Direct Lending, PATRIMONIUM
Johannes Koch
Johannes Koch Senior Reporter, DEBTWIRE
12.45 - 13.45

Networking lunch

13.45 - 14.30

Panel: Overview of European IPO and carve-out activity

IPO activity is slowly picking up, after a long winter mired by rising interest rates and macroeconomic pressures. Is the tide turning for European IPOs? We will look at key drivers of ECM activity and analyse whether corporates are the driving force behind European IPOs.

  • What makes an IPO successful ? After the Porsche and Arm blockbusters, is size all that matters?
  • Are corporates driving activity through carve-outs? How are market conditions impacting asset reviews by listed companies? 
  • How is the IPO investor base changing? As sovereign wealth funds flex their muscles in Europe, what changes in the dynamics of the IPO process?
  • Are issuers bound to home markets or looking further afield? Will foreign issuers continue to flock to Swiss markets?

Thorsten Pauli
Thorsten Pauli Head Equity Capital Markets Germany, Switzerland and Austria, Bank of America
Sofia Cerqueira
Sofia Cerqueira Managing Editor, Global Equity Capital Markets, Mergermarket
14.30 - 15.00

Fireside Chat: Cybersecurity risks

In this session, experts will discuss the importance of technology in a company and how technology is being increasingly used to improve deal insight and workflow efficiency. 

  • What are the technology issues that all companies must be mindful of after completing an M&A transaction?
  • Cybersecurity risks in M&A
  • How important is cybersecurity during an acquisition and how do you conduct cyber-risk analysis during your due diligence?
  • How are companies using new technologies to shape M&A due diligence and how can technology drive innovation within M&A?
15.00 - 15.30

Networking break

15.30 - 16.15

Panel: Private Equity Outlook – seeking new opportunities

Our panel of expert GP’s will share their views on navigating the market and keeping up a successful portfolio. Our LPs will discuss a winning strategy for fundraising in an overcrowded market targeting a limited pool of options.

  • What are some successful strategies GPs can pursue in terms of portfolio management in the current challenging environment and does the threat of inflation change your portfolio construction approach?
  • What characteristics are LPs keen to see in GPs when it comes to deploying capital for the next generation of PE funds and how do they differ from past portfolio management tactics?
  • Which asset classes are you putting on hold and why? What are you doubling down on instead?
  • Is buy-and-build the safe bet for capturing growth in the current climate?
  • What are the benefits of partnering with private equity in an M&A transaction?
16.15 - 17.00

Panel: What are the main challenges around implementing an ESG strategy in M&A

This session will discuss What are the actually regulatory moves that are going to shape ESG investment. Supply chain legislation that has come into Germany, how is this affecting the Swiss market as well as the changes by the European Union changes.

  • The role of the E in ESG and which technologies within the E should corporates be looking to obtain and is M&A the best way to do this?
  • Paris Agreement is important but how much does that versus other regulations and policies impact decisions that corporates are making.
  • What are the main challenges around implementing an ESG strategy in M&A?
  • The role of private capital in ESG corporate M&A and the rise of impact funds in recent years - is private capital best positioned to help drive ESG decisions in corporate M&A?
  • The S and G - and wider ESG - How have the parameters of ESG changed as a whole in 2023?
17.00 - 18.00

Conference end and networking drinks