Private Equity Forum Italy 2023

Our Italian private equity forum returns to Milan this July!

Palazzo Parigi, Milan


08:30 - 09:00


09:10 - 09:20

Presentation: Next generation Mergermarket

Yana Morris
Yana Morris Chief Content Officer, ION ANALYTICS
09:20 - 09:40

Opening keynote – A macro-economic overview of trends shaping the Italian market

The looming presence of China, the conflict in Ukraine and the energy crisis, together with the high rate of inflation and the rise of interest rates are conditions that reverberated in the private capital markets, and the alternative investment fund industry, especially venture capital and private equity, is not exempt.

This keynote speech will examine the current macro-economic trends and their impact on the private equity market in Italy. 

09:40 - 10:20

Panel – Navigating uncertainty: Top value creation strategies, risks, and opportunities for Private Equity firms in Italy in 2023

As the new macro landscape with its unprecedented levels of uncertainty settles in, private market investors in Italy are increasingly looking to understand and manage external risks and prioritise what they can control. The difficulties encountered in the first half of 2022 notwithstanding, a certain degree of stabilisation and optimism seems to have been reached now, reflected upstream in a still robust capital raising and, downstream, in a deployment activity that has not slowed down in any way. Our panel of experts will discuss what all this means for private equity deal making.

  • How is the external landscape affecting investment decisions in order to find the best new and existing opportunities for portfolios of funds
  • Growing interest rates and impact on valuations: How are funds evolving to remain competitive?
  • Best fundraising strategies in 2023 in Italy
  • Overview of the best exit strategies in 2023
  • Debt funds: Growing stronger
10:20 - 10:50

Morning networking break

10:50 - 11:20

In-Conversation – Impact investment deep dive

With ESG becoming a key driver for investment, private market investors are increasingly being scrutinised for their climate change, social, and governance considerations in investment decision making. Investors are looking for managers to invest in line with their ESG policies and procedures, while also returning capital that outperforms certain benchmarks. Nonetheless, the lack of standardised methodologies for rating ESG effectiveness is still perceived by Private Equity firms as a major obstacle in the launching of ESG funds. Our expert speaker will share best practices on how to leverage ESG to drive value creation.

  • Cost vs opportunity: Managing and reaching targets for environment, climate, social, governance compliance 
  • The legal and social controversy angle in Italy: Ratings, standardisation (and lack there of), labour laws, etc
  • The role of the board: Competencies, efficiency and the essential need for independent judgement
  • ESG as a dominant factor in due diligence: Dealing with a more discerning approach to asset selection, more control over deals, and even stronger focus on operational excellence 
  • De listing of companies: How to handle all technical and business angles in timely manner
Barbara Roversi Managing Director, Impact Investment Strategy, Three Hills Capital Partners
11:20 - 12:00

Panel – Sector focus: How to identify the best sectors and investment opportunities in the current marketplace

A whiff of optimism can be felt in the Italian marketplace, due in part to the experiences of 2022, that indicates that Italian companies are likely to become even more open to private equity investors who provide new financial resources and know-how. The Italian market is still characterised by small and medium-sized businesses which are attractive to many private equity funds. Sectors that are likely to attract heightened interest in 2023 include technology, luxury brands, pharmaceuticals and life sciences, healthcare and biotech, agribusiness and food. Our panel of leading investors will give their views on the best strategies for navigating the challenges and opportunities across sectors.

  • Is investing in this uncertain market (still) an opportunity for Private Equity?
  • Alternative investment funds
  • What LPs are looking for in 2023 and beyond
  • IT, AI, Cyber other sectors that show scarcity of assets: Growing appetite
  • Consumer sector focus: Seizing growth equity opportunity
Marzia Bartolomei Senior Partner, Fondo Italiano D'investimento SGR
Fabio Canè Managing Director, Neuberger Berman
12:00 - 12:20

Networking break

12:20 - 12:50

Fireside chat – Value creation: Driving growth through innovation and commercial excellence

When it comes to value creation, while the results have been very strong, it seems that investors are only achieving a fraction of the benefits. Recently, we have seen increased competition for assets and much better availability of unique data sources coupled with advanced analytic tools, putting a significant emphasis in PE deals from ‘risk avoidance’ to ‘creating value’. Value creation thinking is now taking place earlier in the deal process with more sophisticated tooling and diligence to assist, while value creation specialists are increasingly influential and playing a more integral role in deal processes.

  • Understanding growth strategies that yield real value by looking outside ‘traditional” value creations levers only (incl. data, cyber, digitalisation)
  • Improving board performance by working closely with management and advisors providing the specialised knowledge
  • Observing the performance of mid-size companies between PE e VC; Start-Ups, Growth Capital, Scale-Ups 
  • The impact of recent legislative changes vis-a-vis private investments
Matthew Brkic Partner, PWC Strategy &
12:50 - 13:30

Panel – The next generation of Private Equity investing in Italy

Millennials have grown up in a world of intense global awareness; they are incredibly familiar and at ease with innovative ways of communication and have a heightened sensitivity to climate change, societal injustice, and ethical duty. It is no longer enough for firms to signal support for ESG; they expect sincere commitment from the top and sustained action. Our dedicated panel of young professionals will show us how they see the world of private equity, what we can learn and what we have to adapt to.

  • How do under younger professionals see the world of PE? A different life model, new perception of the market, of investments and ultimately, of the deal

  • Strengths and potential of generational change: Banking on a faster, more varied communication architecture 
  • New investment measures and tools, including social media means, crowdfunding, etc
  • Management buy-in to a cultural refresher: Best practices for leaders adapt to generational differences and driving better recruiting and retention

  • Examples of and from innovative Start-Ups and Scale-Ups

Cristiano Dalla Bona
Cristiano Dalla Bona Equity Markets Reporter, Mergermarket
Giovanni Camisassi Principal, Neuberger Berman Reinassance
13:30 - 13:35

Chair's closing remarks

Cristiano Dalla Bona
Cristiano Dalla Bona Equity Markets Reporter, Mergermarket
13:35 - 14:35

Lunch and end of conference